Environmental Message Shines Through at Occupy Montreal

 ‘Le Civic du Peuple’ – Photo Credit: Michelle Moore We all know what the Occupy movement is all about at it’s roots; it can be summed up with this single ...

Joe Beef’s new “Cookbook of Sorts” provides more than just recipes

Captions such as “Building a Garden in a Crack Den” or “I love red Burgundy wine so much I want to pour it into my eyes” may not be what ...

Occupy Montreal

Occupy Draws a Crowd at Montréal’s Victoria Square

The global movement reached Montréal’s Victoria Square this weekend, though the numbers paled in comparison to OWS’s the resolve for change was just as present. A spirited atmosphere Occupy Montréal ...


Herb and Basil are zesty squares!

This week’s menu is: Asparagus and Herb Soup  Macaroni with Tomatoes, Brie and ...

Oh Ottawa!

When I told a friend I was going to Ottawa for the ...

A Hidden Treasure – Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Osaka

As Sushi has become world popular fancy food, there is a big ...

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A rather gallant group of shoes. A is for Aldo shoes.

By:AshleyJane                                                                                                                                                                                                    Illustration credits: Myself @ Aldo Group Head Office     Once upon a time on a temporary month-long contract at Aldo Group… Was great excitement in the International department. As a 2000 ish networking circle of interesting fashionista’s and fashionister’s reigned the head office, I not only made a few new friends, my frenzy […]

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The Slogan War – A Bitter New Democrat Bloodsport.

Andrew Vaughn/The Canadian Press Canadian Leadership. Travaillons Ensemble. Those are some damn good slogans. Whoever replaces Jack has got to be capable of crafting an equally brilliant two-word platform. Robert Chisholm – A Real Leader. Ryan Taplin/Metro News In a stunningly creative move, Chisholm has gone for ‘A Real Leader’ – finally calling out all […]

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Not much omph at the NDP leadership debate

The next phase of the New Democratic leadership race limped out of the starting gate Sunday afternoon in Ottawa. The nine hopefuls vying to replace Jack Layton spent most of the two hours “agreeing violently,” as Nathan Cullen put it. From the dire situation in Attawapiskat to the manufacturing sector and green collar jobs — the candidates […]

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NDP Leadership Debate #1: Inequality! Sustainability! And – ZzZzZzZ.

Photo: Chris Zacchia at http://www.forgetthebox.net The great Canadian left-wing Jack Layton memorial competition euphoria broke out of its hibernation this afternoon, and into the bold new world of niceties, talking points and pleasant agreement on everything. That’s right, the first installation of the oh-my-god-there-are-at-least-five-more-of-these debates came (and went) with a wimper this afternoon in Ottawa. Your’s truly […]

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NDP Debate Season: Complete With Bread Analogies!

The 9-headed pack of social democratic do-gooders is set to take the stage this afternoon for tea, crumpets and debates about monetary policy and trade relationships. Aside from the Macy’s Day Parade, this’ll be the most fun sunday afternoon all year. So what should we be expecting from the candidates? Thomas Mulcair The anointed front-runner that never […]

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Occupy Moves to Wallstreet

Though the majority of Occupy camps across North America have been shut down the movement continues to grow, in a rather unexpected manner. Trading Zuccotti For Wallstreet CNN was granted exclusive access into the new Occupy headquarters today, an office building that sits one block away from the New York Stock Exchange.  The office space is occupied by […]

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Montreal: The End of an Occupation

Montreal Police Patrole Victoria Square During Eviction Photo By: Peter Akman/CBC  The City of Montréal has asked Occupy to leave immediately and quietly but are prepared to use force if necessary.                                                                                   Occupy Montréal has yet to be completely abandoned, with the Montréal Police allowing the protests to continue, for now, without intervention.  This comes after […]

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Line-up for Montreal en Lumiere unveiled

Better known to her fans as Coeur de Pirate, Montreal native Beatrice Martin is continuing to ride the huge wave of press surrounding her ascension to official Canadian indie crush status as it was announced this past week she will headline next year’s Montreal en Lumiere festival. The fest becomes a teenager in 2012, gearing […]

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Government Ignores Aboriginal Claims to Territory in Plan Nord

Innu Blockade – Photo: Cardinal Alliance As we find ourselves well into the first year of the Plan Nord, many Aboriginal communities continue to express their outrage toward Hydro Quebec and the Charest government. Even those who agreed (ever so reluctantly), are already dissatisfied at the consequences of inviting big business to town. The government said they […]

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Best Smoked Meat in Town

Best smoked meat in the city- Schwartz’s right? Well, actually it’s on the other side of the mountain on Decarie blvd- Snowdon Deli has been serving up the best Montreal smoked meat since 1946. A bold statement considering Schwartz’s is a landmark that’s been attracting lines down the Main for 80 years, but I think […]

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