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rave culture/electronic music in Montreal

Talking to a DJ

This time the Artichoke provides you with an interview with German born DJ Rouven B. who is known under the alias of Dreieck (German for triangle). He studies and lives in Montreal, Canada and Maastricht, the Netherlands. To find more information about him, check his dj profile on, his mixes on soundcloud or his […]

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Le Belmont: pumping electricity into your body

Le Belmont is one of those clubs that you might have heard of although you are not a local from Montreal. In fact it has quite a global known name, which is for example represented in the fact that such artists like Tech N9ne already played there. The nightclub presents active clubbers with a broad […]

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Cheap Thrills – record store celebrates Birthday

This month (November) the record store Cheap Thrills that I also talked about in this blog post about record stores in Montreal celebrated its birthday. The record store is in business since 1971, so it had to blow out 40 candles on the cake to make a wish. However, the store does not show any […]

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Getting a proper fix

So you are a DJ, or a music lover and need a proper fix, what do you do? Well be thankful that I am here, helping you out. If you are in the Montreal region, looking for a good shot of music, you should check out the various record stores available. You are not sure […]

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The internet – future of the rave?

In another post I talk about the great website, a must for every raver based in Montreal (or Canada for that matter). The forum of the site is huge and has an immense collection of record reviews, dj profiles, event planning and event review. People share their stories, get connected and organise together. But […]

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The most handy tool every raver has is the internet. In the early days you might still had to know somebody who knows somebody, or get onto a bus not knowing were it goes, to track down the next rave that is happening; but nowadays it is so convenient. You just have to know where […]

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drum’n’bass party invasion in Montreal

There is a new kid in town and it wants to play. But watch out it is dangerous and uses weapons such as dubstep, techstep, breakbeat and drum’n’bass. Invasion is still a small event series, but attracts quite some people already, although it started quite recently in the second half of this year (2011). It […]

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A new edition of igloofest awaits January 2012

Soon the  polar bears will be dancing again, because it is almost igloofest time. In another post about piknic electronik, the concept of an open area rave might have already got your attention and interest, but wait for the winter edition of piknic electronik. Igloofest 2012 will be another rave event where people have no […]

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piknic electronik is dead, long live piknic electronik

The last days of walking around are over. Although the last week was a strange blessing with up to 13° outside (people told me it was the warmest November they ever experienced), I am beginning to feel the first wave of freezing coldness that I am looking forward to. In fact, I am quite curious […]

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Bob Marley the father of techno

Picture taken from hometheaterphotos Techno is great music. The rhythm is simple, so it is very easy to shake your hips to the sound and when you take some “perception enhancing remedies” it does make the music even better. Now if you exchange techno with reggae in the first sentence, you got a pretty sound […]

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