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There are two seasons in Montreal: winter and construction. The way citizens get from point-a to point-b is very important…and it is getting more difficult. This section addresses some of the news items related to getting around town.

Deadline looming

Here in Quebec, we are used to winter. Snow, slush, ice, hail…it is not foreign to vocabulary used in our wintery wonderland. According to the TD Insurance Winter Driving poll, Quebec residents are most likely to feel as calm as usual when driving in winter weather (33% in comparison to the national average of 26%) […]

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Another week, another closure

Another week, another closure. Maybe this blog section should be called the Turcot because so much is dedicated to that structure. That goes hand in hand with the funds the government is investing in the structure to keep it on its feet. The cost: $254 million. And in 2018, it’s calling in the wrecking balls. […]

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Tree Climbing

I never thought I would ever see this in my life. I am sure many motorists feel the same. Today, Transport Quebec shut down the ramp from the 20 west to the 13 north. That is not the bad part…it’s more the reason why that I can’t believe. To cut off branches. The blasphemy. Within […]

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Insider’s View

Insider’s view A conversation with Transport Quebec’s Rick Leckner

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Montreal dusting off the possibility of Trolley Buses

The Gazette reported this weekend that the city is looking into a trolley bus network. It’s a system that hasn’t been seen in this city since the sixties. And now, it’s back on the table. When most people of my generation think of a trolley, they think of: the trolley from Mr. Rogers; or the […]

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Commuters staying off the road

Are Montreal motorists getting the hint? After months of weekend road closures around the Turcot, motorists seem to understand that avoiding the infamous interchange is essential. Over the past weeks, construction has blocked the access to many ramps that lead to and from the Ville Marie Expressway, the elevated highway that serves downtown Montreal. It […]

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Rain, wind and flooding

Photo: Maurice V. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, it floods. Especially on Montreal highways that is. This past Wednesday, rush hour commuters faced a wall of intense line of thunderstorms that brought rain and golf-ball seize hair to the region. As the system moved from west to east, visibility was reduced […]

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The calm after the storm

  Summertime is usually when families and friends escape town to hit the beach, go camping, visit other cities and basically travel. Consequently, what is supposed to happen is a reduction in the average time spend idling on highways and main arteries around town. Then, when September hits, everyone expects abysmal delays on city streets, […]

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Photo: Marcio Cabral de Moura

A New Champlain

The Champlain Bridge is falling down – or so the government fears. An announcement in recent weeks revealed a plan to rebuild the ancient structure. The Canadian government identified the span as a critical span to much of the east coast’s economy as it is used to transport good to, from and through Montreal. The […]

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