Occupy Moves to Wallstreet

Though the majority of Occupy camps across North America have been shut down the movement continues to grow, in a rather unexpected manner.


Source: Press TV

Trading Zuccotti For Wallstreet

CNN was granted exclusive access into the new Occupy headquarters today, an office building that sits one block away from the New York Stock Exchange.  The office space is occupied by volunteers, those who used to be working at Zuccotti park that helped g organize the movement.

  Volunteer Had Shan said this about the new offices:

“People recognized that there was a need for some sort of space to get work done that requires Internet, that requires electricity, that requires security and safety, that requires indoor space,”

Collaboration And Cubicles

The New OWS headquarters is entirely supported by volunteers and there are no paid employees apart of the group.  Megan Hayes, a volunteer, said she work 50 hours at the office last week.  When Hayes was asked why the movement chose to set up a headquarters she responded with:

“It’s nice at times to not have the rain over your head, especially when you’re trying to type on your computer…but we would still get the same amount of work done with or without this office space.”

Specifically the building houses the Occupy communications department, housing group and finance committee.  Little has changed with the move according to volunteers, where decisions are still made on a consensus basis.

Credibility in Question?

The highly publicized relocation is likely to draw criticism from the media and Occupy critics. In the same way the media hounded and criticized Occupy Wallstreet for not having a message, it is likely the headquarters will dominate the Occupy discourse in the mainstream. The move however, is only as powerful as it is symbolic for those who wish to subvert the spirit of Occupy.


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