Montreal: The End of an Occupation

Montreal Police Clear Occupy Camp
Montreal Police Patrole Victoria Square During Eviction

Photo By: Peter Akman/CBC 

The City of Montréal has asked Occupy to leave immediately and quietly but are prepared to use force if necessary.                                                                                  

Occupy Montréal has yet to be completely abandoned, with the Montréal Police allowing the protests to continue, for now, without intervention.  This comes after the City administered written warnings on Wednesday and again on Thursday that the curfew at Victoria Square will be in full effect.  In accordance with City laws the Square would have to remain vacant from midnight until 6 am and subsequently all camps would have to be dismantled.

The Word Upstairs

In a statement last week Mayor Tremblay said “The time has come for the protesters to find another way to get their message out,.  City spokesperson Gonzalo Nunez echoed the mayors statements Thursday saying “We have indicated that the period of tolerance towards the protesters at the campground is over and that we will apply the city’s existing bylaws,”.

Changing Tide

In the early days of Occupy Mayor Gerald Tremblay was reported saying:

“We go day by day, and as long as there’s no problem with security and no one is aggressive and our police men and women tell me that their really monitoring whatever is happening, I’m satisfied with that,”

Many journalist have attributed Tremblay’s change of tune to a story written in La Presse last week.  The front page report cited that the camp had recurring problems of violence and drug use.

Fight for your Right

Members of Occupy Montréal held a general assembly this week where they decided to refuse the cities demands. Occupiers were confident that the adjustments they made to their encampment was in accordance with cities fire laws.

The city’s concern for safety the safety of the public would not seem to extend to the protestors at Victoria Square, as protesters condemned the city for refusing to send security and social workers to the square.


On November 25 Montreal Police cleared the camp, evicting the remaining protestors.  No arrests were made.

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