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Reviewing Asian restaurants in Montreal

Restaurant Review – Japanese Pub, Imadake

As following restaurant business trends, in Montreal, lots of Japanese restaurant and bars are springing up in downtown. They are not only serving sushi. They are actually becoming more authentic and trying to show what they really have in their home country, Japan. Kara agae is ‘Boneless deep fried chicken’ in Japanese. There was nothing […]

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Korean Restaurant Part 2: Golden House

Among Korean immigrants in Montreal, there is a prejudice against Korean restaurants; not good as much as they make at home by themselves. That is why the most of Koreans are not willing to go to Korean restaurants for dinner, and why the most Korean restaurants aims their target customer Canadians.  However, even for the […]

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Restaurant review: Mongolian fondue – Restaurant Little Sheep

Last Saturday, I got a birthday party invitation by a friend to a very interesting place in the center of china town in Montréal; Mongolian Fondue restaurant, Little Sheep. I love to try any kinds of Asian food, but i have never had any chance to have Mongolian food before since I didn’t really have knowledge about […]

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Restaurant Review: Kiss Grill

Imagine that you have some problems in your life, so need to talk to someone close, and you just need to grab one or two bottles of beer to talk deeply with them. You probably don’t want to go to pubs that are full-filled with people and noise because it’s so hard to have any […]

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Experience the real spicy food! – Restaurant Szechwan Hot

 When you think of having Chinese food for lunch or dinner, what is the first thing coming to your mind? General Tao? Yang Chao fried rice? If these menu come first, I would say, you have never experienced any real Chinese food! In fact, there are more than a hundred Chinese restaurants in Montreal downtown, […]

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Dumplings! – Qing Hua Dumplings

<photo by Ames> Dumplings!  Burst 10 different tastes in your mouth!! Dumpling is a very special type of cuisine. It has tons of different types that you can’t even imagine, and it hides hundreds of fantastic tastes in it. You will never know what it tastes like until you put it into your mouth. Actually, […]

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Traditional Korean Restaurant review: ATTI

                                                <photo by ATTI> There is no doubt that Korean cuisine is getting the spotlight in North America. The reason people willing to eat even if they have never experienced any Korean culture; simply, it’s healthy, and as DELICIOUS as healthy. Nevertheless Korean cuisine is getting popular in western; it is still just so hard to […]

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A Hidden Treasure – Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Osaka

As Sushi has become world popular fancy food, there is a big demand that wants to enjoy the authentic Japanese food, which is especially made by Japanese chefs. Of course, even in Montreal, there are lots of sushi restaurants springing up everywhere, but unfortunately, most of them are all-you-can-eat restaurant. So, is it that hard […]

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