Best Smoked Meat in Town

Best smoked meat in the city- Schwartz’s right? Well, actually it’s on the other side of the mountain on Decarie blvd- Snowdon Deli has been serving up the best Montreal smoked meat since 1946. A bold statement considering Schwartz’s is a landmark that’s been attracting lines down the Main for 80 years, but I think it’s pretty easy to explain why Schwartz’s is constantly viewed as the top dog in town, where as Snowdon Deli, although always busy, doesn’t have the same significance.

1. Schwartz’s is on the best part of St. Laurent, Snowdon Deli is on Decarie blvd close to a super-highway and not much else. Enough said.

2. Schwartz’s hasn’t changed anything since it opened, but Snowdon Deli redecorated in some unfortunate decade (80s-90s?) and is arguably the ugliest restaurant I have ever been to. It makes Schwartz’s look like they hired Montreal’s top designers to fab up the place.

I absolutely love Schwartz’s- going there is always an authentic treat- but as far as pure taste- I would definitely give Snowdon the one-up on the iconic St. Laurent establishment. Also, Snowdon has a full-menu of other delicious deli classics such as matzo-ball soup and smoked herring, both amazing.

For any deli fanatics or people who want to explore historic food in another part of the city, Snowdon Deli is a must- the food is prepared with incredible care and passion, and their smoked meat truly is the best in town.

Categories: MTL Food Identities


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