The Slogan War – A Bitter New Democrat Bloodsport.

Andrew Vaughn/The Canadian Press

Canadian Leadership. Travaillons Ensemble.

Those are some damn good slogans.

Whoever replaces Jack has got to be capable of crafting an equally brilliant two-word platform.

Robert Chisholm – A Real Leader.

Ryan Taplin/Metro News

In a stunningly creative move, Chisholm has gone for ‘A Real Leader’ – finally calling out all the other phony candidate for being holograms.

But after yesterday’s debate trainwreck, I reckon that ‘A Real [Anglophone] Leader’ is probably more accurate.

Niki Ashton – New Politics

Graham Hughes, Montreal Gazette

I really identify with Niki’s slogan. Namely because Niki’s tagline is ‘niki ashton.’ I can totally empathize with that.

Okay, so maybe her real slogan is New Politics™. After all, she did say it a total of 45 times in yesterday’s debate. (I’m guesstimating.)  

Either way, it’s all about Niki. 

Nathan Cullen: The Next Generation, The Next Step

Photo: Reever TO

This great bald hope is either saying that all the other candidates are told old, or that the NDP isn’t looking forward. I entirely agree, which is why I’m confused about Cullen’s policies of trying to crawl into bed with the Liberals and start worrying about the monarchy.

And as for his nerdy, wonky, policy-heavy (all compliments) energy policy – it’s not exactly new. I suppose by ‘Nouvelle Voix’ he could mean ‘Whatever We Were Supporting 10 Years Ago.’ That’s hard to fit on a sign, though.

Romeo Saganash: Share the Vision

I couldn’t find a picture of Romeo with his slogan, so I took a picture of him in a boat from his website.

This is probably the one slogan that is completely accurate. Romeo’s website has his vision on winning the next election, foreign policy and helping rural Canada.

It doesn’t, however, have policy. Lots of vision, no substance.

But why bother? Romeo knows he’s going to get dropped off the first ballot, so why not shake things up when you have the chance, right?

Martin Singh: Cares

This has got to be my favourite slogan. 

Look at that guy’s face. It says – boy, I care about you.

Singh platform seems to revolve around things such as; caring about healthcare, caring about entrepreneurs and caring about quoting Tommy Douglas.

But why stop at caring? Martin’s tagline should really be: “Martin Singh Cares, Empathizes, Understands, Forgives, Plays Nice With Others, Is An Independent Worker, Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach…” (maybe that’s a bit long.)


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