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Best Smoked Meat in Town

Best smoked meat in the city- Schwartz’s right? Well, actually it’s on the other side of the mountain on Decarie blvd- Snowdon Deli has been serving up the best Montreal smoked meat since 1946. A bold statement considering Schwartz’s is a landmark that’s been attracting lines down the Main for 80 years, but I think […]

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Markets, Fruixis, and Taco Trucks Represent New Age in Montreal

What could better represent a city’s culinary heartbeat than an open-air market? In Montreal, we’re lucky enough to be blessed with two great ones: Atwater and Jean-Talon. Depending on the time of year, one can find an abundance of local produce at these fun places, as well as boucheries, fromageries, and poissoneries year round. My […]

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Little Burgundy then & now: a Joe Beef story

It may seem hard to believe that a 10-seat restaurant could have such an influence in changing, or dare I say it- ‘gentrifying‘ a community. Ok, I don’t really believe that Joe Beef gentrified the south-west borough, but I was really interested in knowing the difference between Little Burgundy in 2005, when Joe Beef opened, […]

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Dear Montreal Winter Locavore: Good Luck.

The idea of buying papayas and mangoes in months where your eyelids freeze really freaks me out. It seems so completely whack and unnatural that I can consume tropical, sub-tropical, and mediterranean fruits and vegetables in the lifeless wasteland that is Montreal winter- for some reason I feel like I should be instead gnawing on […]

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Parc Ex provides a cultural mosaic of diverse foods

Whenever I find myself in Parc-Ex around Parc Metro station, I can’t help but feel bewildered by the amazingly diverse cultural offerings at hand. The area is incredibly covered with markets and restaurants from around the globe. I really wonder how many places on the planet can boast a Lebanese Shawarma place down the street […]

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Patati Patata more than a hipster hangout: it’s an urban casse-croute with unreal prices!

When I think of Quebec cuisine, many things come to mind: tourtiere, maple syrup, smoked meat, bagels, poutine…But if you asked me to close my eyes and envision a specific place or type of eatery that was truly Quebec, I wouldn’t hesitate before coming up with a casse-croute. These gems, serving anything but healthy fare, […]

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La Binerie

La Binerie: the real deal

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in the world of bad restaurants is overpriced breakfast joints with some tacky name that always seems to be a play on words of ‘oeuf‘ or ‘egg‘. These places will always have a stand-up mini-poster on your table advertising an 8$ tropical berry-fruitilicious bananorama smoothie, a menu thicker […]

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Hometown Hero Chuck Hughes loses bid for ‘Next Iron Chef’

When the secret ingredient was revealed for the elimination showdown, I knew it was all over. Tofu…really? Despite the Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs” being unbelievably over-dramatic, ridiculous and corny, I couldn’t turn away from it. I found myself rooting for Chuck Hughes on Monday nights the same way I would cheer […]

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Ice House: overpriced & trendy? Not exactly, but…

Every month or so, my brother and I decide to go to try out a new restaurant in gluttonous fashion: we like to eat and drink an obscene amount, while spending a ridiculous amount of money. Maybe this is a brotherly thing to do, I’m really not sure, but when we tried out Ice House […]

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Joe Beef’s new “Cookbook of Sorts” provides more than just recipes

Captions such as “Building a Garden in a Crack Den” or “I love red Burgundy wine so much I want to pour it into my eyes” may not be what you find in your grandma’s cookbook, but if you’ve dined at Joe Beef in Little Burgundy, the lines in The Art of Living according to […]

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