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Kevin Kelly and Generatives

In his famous article, Better than Free, Kevin Kelly talks about eight Generatives. Generatives Immediacy Personalization Interpretation Authenticity Accessibility Embodiment Patronage Findability Kevin Kelly said, “There are a number of qualities that can’t be copied. Consider “trust.” Trust cannot be copied. You can’t purchase it. Trust must be earned, over time. It cannot be downloaded. […]

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Headline writing

Five articles: The Load Down Growing Scared   Sick Humor   Earth Tones A Major Breakthrough        

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Guide to Posting Responses on Tumblr

Go to Log in with your email and password Click on the Text icon in the top left Write your Title and Article, just as you would send an email Click “Create Post” in the bottom left To Send me the link to the post:  Click on “Open [The Name of Your Blog]” which […]

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5 of the best news Tumblrs

Today, we’re setting up our Tumblr blogs. Here’s a great set of Tumblrs to follow to get you started…

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