A rather gallant group of shoes. A is for Aldo shoes.

By:AshleyJane                                                                                                                                                                                                    Illustration credits: Myself @ Aldo Group Head Office



Once upon a time on a temporary month-long contract at Aldo Group

Was great excitement in the International department. As a 2000 ish networking circle of interesting fashionista’s and fashionister’s reigned the head office, I not only made a few new friends, my frenzy for genuine leather shoes did also!

  • Perhaps my time there was short and sweet, one thing I however do recall it being ; love at first sight!

Photo credit: kitmeout.com


As a first to embark on a global journey, Aldo shoes took great leads as a fashion footwear retailer to an international expansion and it all started in Montreal, 1972.

A great earned title of being one of local Montreal’s most impressive success story of all times, possessing 1,500 signature stores while supplying for over 66 different countries today, Aldo remains not only a Canadian favourite, an international one.



Its team of dedicate and creative designers build their own brands, taking on brand building initiatives as they innovate frequently in the process of offering fabulous, different and divers collections of trends for both men and women. Strategic planning and aggressive decision makers fulfill its head office as they promote passion through service and product for their love of stylish and accessible quality made fashion footwear at an affordable price.

They have gotten to where they are because of people’s values, entrepreneurship, social commitment, customer service, distribution and brands I assure you.

Visit Aldo’s website for an inside look of what’s happening in-stores for winter. To your convenience, you can even shop from home;  www.aldoshoes.com  Because there is nothing like owning beautiful boots that will walk through miles with you… Just make sure you take care of them.

  • They say “shoes say a lot about a persons personality”…I say get out there and get yourself a worthy pair while you can because shoes are essential and Aldo shoes are wonderful!



Closer to their objectives every year, a step higher every time, Aldo is also a recognized leader in corporate sales responsibility as they take part in numerous promotional campaigns to help and support non-lucrative organizations in need. 


Their philosophy: Love, Respect and Integrity.  







On behalf of their accomplishments today regards to successful merchandising campaigns across the world, accommodation to a variant palette of personality found in every single collection, a connection with the shoe lover remains established.

Home grown from local Montreal, Aldo is #1 footwear & accessory distribution company in the world today.  

  • I cheers to that!







2300 Émile-Bélanger / Montreal QC / H4R 3J4

514 747 2536



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