Home Of a Fashion Jewellery Phenomena is DCK Concessions Canada


By: AshleyJane                                                                                                                                                                                               Illustration credits: Myself @ DCK Concessions Canada 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


The Bay, Le Château, Terra Nostra, Forever21, BEBE, Arden, RW&CO

Just to name a few, are fashion retailers that most of you are no doubt familiar with. Ever wonder where their attractive repertoires of fashion jewellery come from? Just like most mass produced goods, they are imported from exotic regions of the world. China, Thailand, India… These hand crafted delights are unique and developed within specific demands from their intermediate.

EI; The importer!


A business of its own, import/export has taken an exponential growth rate with years in the midst of fashion jewellery phenomena. DCK Concessions, a leading international distributor that operate by importation, occupy a North American head office here in Montreal since 2007. DCK Concessions Canada has been highly successful since.

Should you know, I have had a splendid opportunity to work with them as a production coordinator / Assistant Buyer to The Bay Canada and must I say that this corporation is ever growing and exhilarating!



Fashion jewellery is hot and will never go out of style. Why?

  • Because it is cost worthy.
  • Far less expensive than premium jewellery.
  • Fun, playful and available in a wide spread array of colors, material, styles and collections.


Cheap at times yes, but hey, at least you can alternate your look as often as liked without having it cost you an arm!

Besides, as creative designers and smart fashionistas on site work hard at modifying pieces to best suit personal desire for quality, fashion jewellery nowadays enables you to purchase top designer replicas made of combined materials including semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals… At decent and affordable price ranges.

Therefore being convenient and accessible… Fashion Jewellery, Costume Jewellery; rings, wrist wear, neck wear, earrings, body and hair is in.

Its everywhere!


DCK Concession’s dominant head office is situated from highly fashion forward UK. Runner ups range from NYC, Russia, Australia, China… and Montreal

Montreal meets globalisation!



Two types of sales can be done:

  1. Wholesale; mass produced collections.
  2. Concessions; private and independently maintained sections of wide surface retailing.


DCK Concessions is one of the world’s leading high street fashion jewellery retailer, operating with over 15retailers in 33 countries…

To learn more about the international company’s core mission, please visit their website; http://www.dckconcessions.com/



Should any Retailer be seeking to do business with a respected and well established avant-gardism fashion jewelry distributor, I kindly intervene and recommend consulting with DCK Concessions Canada.

For fashionista’s wanting in on the VIP mailing list to exclusive sample sale events… simply contact the design department at the number below, extention: 205 or 208, and ask to be added to the email mailing list.

 Trust me, it’s worth it. Cause we’re worth it. Shine on you crazy crystals!                      




        9350 Av De L’esplanade / Montréal QC / H2N 1V6

  (514) 385-3482


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