The New Yorkers

I did not think it was possible but it is. People hate New York. Actually I lie, I did think it was possible for the people who live there to hate it. It is very dirty and very busy all the time, but they were the only bad things I saw in New York

I recently read an article called ‘What I hate about living in New York‘, the writer mainly discusses how everyone is on their mobile phones while walking, meaning they bump into people and in one ladies case, she was hit by a bus because she was walking and talking on her phone.

I do agree with the article however if she finds it that much of a big deal she should just move back to Atlanta because you can’t change that about New York. If it was quiet, with no one walking around on their cell phones, it wouldn’t be New York. That’s the beauty of the city, the hustle and bustle, the constant need to get somewhere in three seconds and the anger of every New Yorker around you. I like that. Sure you bump into the occasionally people who will shoot you an evil eye or give you the finger or yell at you for accidentally brushing past them on the street. It’s a great way to get rid of your anger if your in New York because everyone will think you a typical New Yorker if your walking around angry and unnecessarily bumping people. The power of New York is overwhelming. Everyone you walk past is important for some reason, so if your bumping into a New Yorker I’d keep walking and not stop an apologise because the likelihood of them caring is very little. Just the ride the wave of the city, be a bitch back.



Oh poor New York always getting picked on even in the movies… Don’t worry NYC I still love you.







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