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Young and Old Participate

Environmental Message Shines Through at Occupy Montreal

 ‘Le Civic du Peuple’ – Photo Credit: Michelle Moore We all know what the Occupy movement is all about at it’s roots; it can be summed up with this single phrase: We are the 99%. What complicates things however is that this movement also presents an opportunity for people to push their causes and ideas […]

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Joe Beef’s new “Cookbook of Sorts” provides more than just recipes

Captions such as “Building a Garden in a Crack Den” or “I love red Burgundy wine so much I want to pour it into my eyes” may not be what you find in your grandma’s cookbook, but if you’ve dined at Joe Beef in Little Burgundy, the lines in The Art of Living according to […]

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Occupy Montreal

Occupy Draws a Crowd at Montréal’s Victoria Square

The global movement reached Montréal’s Victoria Square this weekend, though the numbers paled in comparison to OWS’s the resolve for change was just as present. A spirited atmosphere Occupy Montréal had all the makings of a home-grown protest without detracting from the spirit of the Occupy movement. From adults, teens to children, people came out […]

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Arab Spring comes to Occupy Montreal on Victoria Square

Arab Spring in Egypt. Photo from: iconicphotos.wordpress.com On December 17, 2010, a young Tunisian man named Mohamed Bouazizi had set himself on fire in what then seemed to be a futile a protest against the dire economic situation in his country. He died from his burns, but that fire ignited the Middle East and gave […]

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Headline writing

Five articles: The Load Down Growing Scared   Sick Humor   Earth Tones A Major Breakthrough        

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Guide to Posting Responses on Tumblr

Go to Tumblr.com Log in with your email and password Click on the Text icon in the top left Write your Title and Article, just as you would send an email Click “Create Post” in the bottom left To Send me the link to the post:  Click on “Open [The Name of Your Blog]” which […]

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5 of the best news Tumblrs

Today, we’re setting up our Tumblr blogs. Here’s a great set of Tumblrs to follow to get you started…

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