Talking to a DJ

This time the Artichoke provides you with an interview with German born DJ Rouven B. who is known under the alias of Dreieck (German for triangle). He studies and lives in Montreal, Canada and Maastricht, the Netherlands.

To find more information about him, check his dj profile on, his mixes on soundcloud or his tumblr and facebook profile.

Although the whole interview was made into a podcast, there were some issues I could not include into the podcast, but I still wanted to share them with you. Here is a little Q&A of the important points:

The difference of electronic music in Europe and Canada
Dreieck: I think there is a difference, mainly in the styles of music that you hear when you go out. For instance in Europe you would listen to the techno from Berlin or the techhouse from Holland, here in Montreal you would hear the influence from Detroit or Chicago house. Montreal has got a very versitale music scene, and I have the feeling that the biggest difference is that in Montreal there is a different audience that appreciates electronic dance music, compared to, for instance Germany or Holland. So far I didn’t discover any underground scene that appreciates house music. It seems to have become more of a mainstream music genre here in Montreal. So if you go to underground scenes you rather hear dubstep, breakbeats or individual live artists that do electronica or drone music.

Traveling as a DJ
D: Vinyl always has the downside that it is very heavy compared to mp3, which can put on a usb stick or hard drive, so I spend a couple of days selecting the most precious vinyls I have which I wanted to bring, to play at home, or maybe in a club. That was about 60 vinyls and as Murphy’s law want’s it to be, I got selected to have my luggage searched at the airport, so the officer asked me, why I brought so many vinyls, and I already sensed the danger in the question and answered “to play them at home”. Luckily I also brought my needles for the vinyl player and I could convince the officer that they are the most expensive part of a vinyl player and I would buy one in the country to play them at home, otherwise he would not have let me in.

Favourite record labels
There is some music which exits on vinyls but not as mp3, so I usually only buy music that is rare in the sense, that it is not accessible on the internet, for example I have records from labels such as wax or star sleeves or other heights which is a new label which I really like, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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