Restaurant review: Mongolian fondue – Restaurant Little Sheep

Last Saturday, I got a birthday party invitation by a friend to a very interesting place in the center of china town in Montréal; Mongolian Fondue restaurant, Little Sheep. I love to try any kinds of Asian food, but i have never had any chance to have Mongolian food before since I didn’t really have knowledge about it,  so i was excited to try a new type of cuisine.

Actually, this type of food can be found in Japanese, called ‘Sha bu Sha bu’. However, the one thing different from Japanese is Mongolian Fondue gives you two type of soup in a hot pot; Spicy and non-spicy.

< photo by Ashleigh K..>

Most of customers were having fondue with beef and various vegetables. If you order it, waiters bring you a big stainless still hot pot on your table. And then, sliced rare beef and 3-4 kinds of vegetables are served.  How to eat? This is may be the easiest part of this cuisine.

  1. Just pick up whatever you like, and put it into the hot pot.
  2. Wait for a second until it is slightly cooked.   
  3. Enjoy with special soya sauce.

It sounds that you have do some kind of labour on your table because basically you have to cook the beef and vegetables by yourself. In spite of the labour on the table, customers take this the biggest attractive part of this cuisine.

One more tip ! After having Mongolian hotpot, you will smell just like the soup, so if you plan to go some wherelse after, I recommend you to leave your coats at your car, or ask the waitress if you can keep your coat at the front.

Price : $$

Location : 50, Rue De la Gauchetière Ouest ,Montréal

Phone :  514. 393. 0888

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