Restaurant Review – Japanese Pub, Imadake

As following restaurant business trends, in Montreal, lots of Japanese restaurant and bars are springing up in downtown. They are not only serving sushi. They are actually becoming more authentic and trying to show what they really have in their home country, Japan.

 Near AMC theatre in Montreal downtown, there is a place that you might experience what and how Japanese youth  enjoys. Bar Imadake has just opened about a year ago. Even if it’s been opened for quite short time, it is becoming ahot   place among Asian-Canadians in Montreal.

Imadake in not exactly a restaurant, but it also has some menus that make you full, such as Japanese ramen and Okonomiyaki.

My Choice:


Kara agae

Beef tataki (beef sashimi)

Saporo beer

Personally, Okonomiyaki is my favourite Japanese food, so when I visited Japan few years ago, I had tried to eat okonomiyaki at many restaurants, where are famous for it. Therefore, I can tell that I know what the good okonomiyaki is, and I am surly telling you that the one at Imadake is awesome! It was well mixed with seafood, cabbage, and onion, and above all, the sauce on top was just lovely.

<photo of okonomiyaki by jina>

Kara agae is ‘Boneless deep fried chicken’ in Japanese. There was nothing really special, but the sauce based on mayonnaise (I guess it was tar-tar sauce, but it tasted a bit different) was great.

Beef tataki is also known as beef sashimi at several sushi places. It also went well with beer or sake.

Reservation must be needed on Friday and Saturday.

Price: $$

Location: 4006 St-Catherine West, Montreal

Phone: 514. 931. 8833

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