OLSX Accused of Targeting London CEO

Protestors on the roof of the Panton Street Building
Souce: BBC

Police arrested sixty protestors believed to be apart of Occupy London who stormed the Panton House Building this aftertoon.  The building is home to Mick Davis, CEO of Xstrata, one the largest mining companies in the world.


Kidnapping the 1%

The police responded quickly to the protestors alledged intrusion with police in riot gear making 60 arrests and then ropping off acess to the bulding.

According to the BBC Mick Davis is one of the highest earning executives on the FTSE (an index of companies that are traded on the London Stock Exchange). 

Occupy London supported Karen  Lincoln said: “Mick Davis is a prime example of the greedy 1% lining their own pockets while denying workers pensions.”

Xstrata realsed its own statement in response to this incident stating ¨All executive pay is approved by the company’s shareholders and is linked to company and individual performance.¨

A Side Note to a Larger Protest

Today London celebrates their National Day of Protest with the city pensions coming into focus.  The UK government has pot foward intiatives that would see public sector pensions cut.

The Occupiers were said to have been in Picadilly Circus on account of the workers strike taking place in London this afternoon. Members of the Occupy movement were said to be protesting in solidarity with city employees.

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