Markets, Fruixis, and Taco Trucks Represent New Age in Montreal

What could better represent a city’s culinary heartbeat than an open-air market? In Montreal, we’re lucky enough to be blessed with two great ones: Atwater and Jean-Talon. Depending on the time of year, one can find an abundance of local produce at these fun places, as well as boucheries, fromageries, and poissoneries year round. My only complaint? I want more of them!

Perhaps I haven’t been living in the right part of town, but I see a trip to a real market as more of a novelty once-a-summer type thing than an actually feasible way to get your regular food. I’ve been to Jean-Talon three times in my life, Atwater probably less than five, and I’ve never frequented the Lachine or Maisonneuve public markets. There’s a nice open-air market in Cote-des-Neiges, I lived there, although the produce there reminded me more of pre-emptive dumpster diving than fresh local fare.

I’ve actually heard that there were many outdoor markets before the modernization period of Mayor Drapeau, where they were deemed dirty (along with street food). Well, I for one, given Montreal in the age of bike paths, BIXIS, improved public transit and dilapidated highways, call for more markets and taco trucks. Something’s telling me I might not have to wait long…

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