Korean Restaurant Part 2: Golden House

Among Korean immigrants in Montreal, there is a prejudice against Korean restaurants; not good as much as they make at home by themselves. That is why the most of Koreans are not willing to go to Korean restaurants for dinner, and why the most Korean restaurants aims their target customer Canadians.  However, even for the Koreans who are fastidious about their food, there is the one restaurant attracting them: Golden House on Sherbrook.

<photo of galbi>

  In Golden House, the one menu making the difference from other Korean restaurant is Gal Bi which is marinated beef ribs, and that menu is why Koreans come for.

  My choice:

  Gal bi

  SunDubu JjiGea (Spicy Soft Tofu soup with seafood)

  The first thing I got served was spicy soft tofu soup with seafood.     It’s  served in a small stone hot pot, and also coming with a bowl of  rice. As the name, it was spicy, but the tofu was great. It had its shape in the soup, but it melted as I put it into my mouth. Golden house also adds an egg in the soup, and it made the soup less pungent.

And then, finally I got the Gal bi on my table. I was expected so much and curious how good it is.

<photo of tofu soup>

Usually, at the other Korean restaurants, it is already cooked in the kitchen, and served on a plate but at Golden house, you can do cook it by yourself on your table, and it’s just like B.B.Q.!  Beef ribs were well marinated with Korean soya sauce, and of course, some of secret spices probably added in it, so it even tastes sweet.

Don’t be too picky to do some labour on your table! It is worth it!! 

Golden House is closed on every Monday.

Price: $$

Location: 5908 Sherbrooke west, Montreal

Categories: Asian restaurant review


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