Grenadine: Dessert(after)Supper

My Surprise Dessert

Supper at a restaurant always presents a quandary at the end of the meal: to order dessert or not. The best bet would be to have dessert for supper. After a full meal with soup and an entrée, I am often too full to even think of eating anything else. Then again…

Dessert isn’t really food though, is it? Oh gourmandise, you win again. Oh Grenadine, the sweet taste of victory.

At this delightful restaurant in the Quartier latin, the best bet is the Surprise Dessert tasting menu. For only $10, you get four miniature versions of the regular desserts, one that is usually not even on the regular menu, hence the surprise. No need to choose between sweet and sour, fruit or chocolate, you’ve got it all on one plate. Plus, it’s great for two to share, à la romantique, lady and the tramp style.

Depending on the season, the desserts change. More warm desserts in the winter months, more fresh fruits paired with pastry in the summer. A touch of traditional favourites with a bit of a surprise twist. All the desserts are made in-house.

The yogurt mousse, an incredibly light and airy mousse with a peach compote at the bottom, simply ethereal. I would have preferred a few more peaches, but as this is a tasting menu portion, I really can’t complain.
The chocolate brownie was intensely chocolate and set off nicely with the salty caramel sauce and a dab of pecan mousse. One bite and different taste receptors react. Chocolate, sweet with a hint of burnt and then a touch of salt to enhance the sweet. Hard to describe, it’s something you really need to experience yourself.
The chocolate éclairs with a banana mousse were surprising. Like eating a cloud that tastes of banana bread around a traditional éclair and chocolate glaze with slight spiciness. I’m not normally big on banana desserts but this one had me eating my words. The marriage of chocolate and bananas is just right.
And finally an apple crumble with caramelized apples that melt in your mouth, a hint of cheddar to offset the sweet and some frangipane crumble for crunch. Comfort in a jar.
My all-time favourite lemon curd was not the menu this time. Keep your eye out for it. Once again, it messes with your taste buds: intense lemon, offset with a touch of bitter marmalade and a few brioche croutons.
When it’s strawberry season, the religieuse with fresh berries is divine.

Supper was great; the desserts sublime.

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