Experience the real spicy food! – Restaurant Szechwan Hot

 When you think of having Chinese food for lunch or dinner, what is the first thing coming to your mind? General Tao? Yang Chao fried rice? If these menu come first, I would say, you have never experienced any real Chinese food!

In fact, there are more than a hundred Chinese restaurants in Montreal downtown, and it seems like that they all have same menus that have been lost their own characteristics to be suited for Americans’ taste. However, where are you supposed to go when you want to have a real Chinese food?

Last week, I luckily found a Chinese restaurant in the center of downtown of Montreal. It was surprised not only that the restaurant is located right in the middle of downtown, but also that the place was full of Chinese customers, which made me feel to be sure ‘This is it!’

The restaurant ‘Szechwan Hot’ is very authentic, and even you can smell some kinds of Chinese spices when you enter. As you can notice from the name of restaurant, they only serve Szechwan cuisine, so don’t expect that they may also have General Tao.

Their specialties are Szechwan style hot pot and spicy crab. Especially, for the hotpot, I could realize that is the most popular menu without asking to waitress since almost everyone was having.

My Choice:

Spicy pork organs in hot pot (Szechwan style)

Spicy Crab

<photo of hotpot>

First of all, the Spicy pork organ in a hot pot of Szechwan style was really hot and spicy. There was no kidding about spiciness. The food was served in the big hot pot which is full of soup, and there were pork organs chopped into one-bite size with lots of vegetables. It more looked like a soup, but I recommend not drinking the soup.  

Probably some people doubt about eating pork organs, and I was the same until I tried that. But the taste of pork organ was actually good. It was very chewy and the texture was one thing that I have never experienced. However, if there was one thing getting on my nerves was the special Szechwan spicy. It was little bit strong for me, so made me worry about smelling after eating.

The spicy crab was a total kick. The crab was chopped in to small pieces, and fried with the shell, and then, it’s mixed with spicy sauce. I thought it was hard to eat with crab shell, but once it got fried, the shell got soft and crispy like chips of crab favour. Spicy crab was also spicy, but good thing is that you can control the spiciness when you order it. 

 If you are not afraid of trying and experiencing real Szechwan cuisine, and you think you love spicy food, you should check out this place. You will see what real Chinese spicy food is!

Price : $,$$

Location: 2350 Rue Guy

Phone : 514 – 933 – 5041

Categories: Asian restaurant review


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