Artemano Boutique; Wood Love.

Photo Credit: Rue Frontenac / Artemano 

Our commitment

Artemano’s slogan, Home is an escape… we know how to create it, is something that we truly take to heart. We bring our customers a different shopping experience; one that is built on warmth, human contact and honesty. Our highly professional staff believes thoroughly in our company’s vision and has a great passion for interior design. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help our customers find just what they’ve been looking for.

We believe your home should be a faithful reflection of yourself. To help you achieve this, we bring you furniture and accessories full of flair, charm and soul. We provide different collections crafted from exotic woods that blend with any style of home décor.”

Artemano was founded in 2002, the first store was in Laval (Le Corbusier Blvd), the concept worked is way to success, so a second Artemano opened in Brossard, Quartier Dix/30, on October 2006.

”Several trips to India later, the collections have grown in quality as well as quantity, earning the company a solid market share and a reputation for die-hard dedication to the fulfillment of its mission.”

Four years later, the boutique’s population still growing, Artemano opened a third store in Montreal.

Most of the furniture is made of wood, but they are also some accent furniture made of leather. These fabric brought together make a perfect match.

You can easily imagine that the prices are not the same as Ikea, for example, but for quality products, when you have the money for it, it is all worth it.

As always, I have my very favorite collection. This time, I fell in love with the ‘Recycle wood collection‘.

Photo Credit: Artemano / Recycled wood tv unit. 

The collection make the customers feel all the history of the product, it makes all its charm and character.

Also, the great thing about that collection, is that it is made out of railroads, bridges, and buildings. They ebdured rain and heat.

”They have been molded and transformed by nature. This is how Artemano was able to bring in a rough, authentic side to its collections, while keeping a contemporary design.”

Each piece is so unique and charming, that I could furnish my house only with those piece and it would be enough.  A very small amount of decoration would be enough to make a room full of character. That is the beauty of Artemano.

Not only do they have fantastic furniture, they also have a great choice of accessories. They have six different sections of accessories:

All the accessories have the same charming and historic feel as the furniture. Personally, I think they are no need to be Buddhist to love the Budhas collection.

The whole idea of the Artemano design is admirable; it is green, most pieces are unique, it is a Quebec company, and the products have so much character.

You guys should really check out the website, it is so complete and full of informations on the company, the stores and their commitments:

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive the promotions, special offers and invitations to special events.

Of course they is no better way to discover Artenamo than to visit one of the stores !


4238 St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec
H2W 1Z3


9600, boulevard Leduc
Brossard, Québec
J4Y 0B3


1816, Le Corbusier
Laval, Québec
H7S 2K1

Photo Credit: Tuango Montreal / Artemano

By Janie Boucher

Categories: Montreal Interior Design


Designer d'intérieur. Textures, couleurs, motifs; Décor chaleureux, accueillant et personnalisé.


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