Vertuose: Plant Design

Photo Credit: Communications Publikcible

Photo Credit: Communications Publikcible

Vertuose is design store, but it is not about the fourniture, it is about the details, and the final touches.

The store has a new exposition concept, in which they expose some ideas to the costumers. They can visit the ‘show rooms’ and take some of the ideas on organic and plants design, for their own house. Of course, the plants and vases are on sell.

Photo Credit: 'Montreal International Interior Design Show'

Photo Credit: 'Montreal International Interior Design Show'

Also, they have a large number of vase and flowerpot. In about any color, size or style, their accessories collection is really large. They have five collections of 9 to 20 jars and window boxes each and one collection of  15 vases.

Vertuose also has a large collection of natural and artificial plants. In the artificial collection they have plants such as, Bamboo, Snake plants, Kentia, etc. Their natural selection of plants is as large as the artificial with plants like: Dragon tree, Aloe vera, Kentia, Cactus, etc. It is easy for costumers to find the perfect match to their style and home.

What especially make Vertuose special, is that they are the exclusive distributor store in Quebec of the German range of products Koziol, which is really original and colorful.

”Made with acrylic in a variety of shapes and colors, they are a source of creativity and extraordinary imagination. They gather together to form a superb decoration panel, a room divider or a window curtain original.”

Photo Credit: / Koziol par Vertuose

Photo Credit: / Koziol par Vertuose

The image above is a representation of the ‘Cherrie’ acrylic design, by Koziol.

With such an authentic service, you really want to get your finish touch at Vertuose;

”From the selection to the installation, our service is unique…

Our design team is at your service to advise you and createunique places, spaces that lend themselves to the imaginationand reflect a skill refined and warm.

Through our varied collection of accessories as well as our wide selection of natural and artificial plants of quality, our experts candevelop concepts to meet your needs. High-end plant specialist, everything is custom designed in our workshop. So there is no limit to what we can offer you.”

  • All the pictures I chose were in article or other media that talk about Vertuose, and how it is one of the ‘very favorite’ of the designer’s boutique !

Vertuose conception végétale

4510, rue Molson Montréal (Québec)

H1Y 0A3

Tél.: 514.276.4048

Fax: 514.276.6677

By Janie Boucher

Categories: Montreal Interior Design


Designer d'intérieur. Textures, couleurs, motifs; Décor chaleureux, accueillant et personnalisé.


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