Patati Patata more than a hipster hangout: it’s an urban casse-croute with unreal prices!

When I think of Quebec cuisine, many things come to mind: tourtiere, maple syrup, smoked meat, bagels, poutine…But if you asked me to close my eyes and envision a specific place or type of eatery that was truly Quebec, I wouldn’t hesitate before coming up with a casse-croute. These gems, serving anything but healthy fare, seem to bless the sides of every secondary highway I’ve ever been on in La Belle Province. Casse-croutes stir up memories of road-trips, bike-trips and the simplicity of the countryside- eating steamies and poutine with families and friends at a roadside stop is pure bliss.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this feeling of euphoria comes back to me every time I visit Patati-Patata on Rachel & St. Laurent. The service there is prompt but friendly, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a seat at any time of day. The prices here are actually better than most out of town casse-croutes- 4$ for a poutine, 2$ for a mini-hamburger. In the summer, its probably one of the best spots for people-watching, there seems to be a conglomeration of styles I didn’t know existed at that corner.

All in all, it’s a greasy experience that I would never pass up- and why would you- a full meal will only set you back 6$, a fantastic alternative to a fast-food chain burger & fries. What you get at Patati-Patata is an authentic experience at an unbelievable price, a modern ode to the casse-croute tradition in Quebec.


Categories: MTL Food Identities


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