Parc Ex provides a cultural mosaic of diverse foods

Whenever I find myself in Parc-Ex around Parc Metro station, I can’t help but feel bewildered by the amazingly diverse cultural offerings at hand. The area is incredibly covered with markets and restaurants from around the globe. I really wonder how many places on the planet can boast a Lebanese Shawarma place down the street from a North African grocer, across from an Indian restaurant, next to a Chilean empenaderia, separated by a McDonald’s & Tim Horton’s. One could easily get a meal from 5 different continents in a single afternoon- all within 2 city blocks.

When speaking of Montreal and Canada’s food identity, it’s next to impossible to forget the crucial inputs of the ranging ethnicities of the country’s immigrants. After all, they populated our country and continue to shape our nation and cities. Parc-Ex doesn’t exactly conjure the idea of a culinary hotspot, but it’s a fantastic place to learn more about the cultures of Montreal through food. The diversity is so omnipresent it’s almost hard to believe, yet it’s naturally occurring- a global culinary fair of hundreds of dishes literally beside each other.

I don’t find myself up by Parc Metro very often, but for anyone with an appetite for the unusual with an adventurous and brave palate should definitely take a walk around the global neighborhood at Parc & Jean-Talon.


Categories: MTL Food Identities


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