La Binerie: the real deal

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in the world of bad restaurants is overpriced breakfast joints with some tacky name that always seems to be a play on words of ‘oeuf‘ or ‘egg‘. These places will always have a stand-up mini-poster on your table advertising an 8$ tropical berry-fruitilicious bananorama smoothie, a menu thicker than a bible, and you’ll always find a nice 2.50$ charge for the filter coffee you thought was included. After tax & tip, it hurts to pay 22$ for shitty eggs.

Fortunately, there’s a place on the Plateau where you can still score some old-school ‘bien-real’ Quebecois breakfast, coffee included, and no tropical smoothies in sight (at least not yet). It’s called La Binerie and it’s just west of St. Denis on Mont Royal. This place has been serving up Quebec classics such as tourtiere, pate chinois, pudding chomeur, and of course, baked beans, for over 50 years, but I always come here for the breakfast, especially when I’m suffering from a bad case of gueule de bois.

The food arrives on plastic plates, the coffee’s pretty bad, and you sit at the bar in front of a giant heating drawer where they keep gallons and gallons of beans. But everything about this place feels right: it feels like a cross between a cabane a sucre dining room and a time machine, they’re serving up Quebec classics, and they’ve got countless laminated newspaper articles on the wall recognizing decades of comfort food served. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the breakfast is delicious.

La Binerie has a ton of character, and it is by far my favourite place to have breakfast in the city. So the next time you feel like wasting away your hard-earned money on the latest egglomerate crap, throw on a plaid flanel jacket and give Binerie a try.

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