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Here in Quebec, we are used to winter. Snow, slush, ice, hail…it is not foreign to vocabulary used in our wintery wonderland.

According to the TD Insurance Winter Driving poll, Quebec residents are most likely to feel as calm as usual when driving in winter weather (33% in comparison to the national average of 26%) and least likely to admit they feel anxious behind the wheel (16% versus the national average of 18%). Despite their confidence, Quebecers are least likely to know how to stay safe on snowy roads, according to the poll.

Quebecers are more willing to brave the snow, but attitudes toward winter driving often differ between men and women. The poll revealed Quebec women are more likely than men to drive only when they need to during the winter (39% versus 24% of men) and to admit they feel anxious (22% versus 10% of men) when driving during snowy months. Quebec men are more likely than their female counterparts to feel confident (27% versus 16% of women) when driving in winter in comparison to other seasons.


1. Be prepared
2. Drive slowly and leave room between cars around you
3. Check your car
4. Speak to your insurer in case you need to make a claim…avoid being surprised.


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