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 A girlfriend of mine once resumed on behalf of the company for which she works, a few interesting aspects the organization is held responsible for regards to Quebec’s own fashion industry, and I grew engaged. 


For those who work in the field, this organization obtains a particular expertise and could teach you a few things. As a representative to the national on an international level, Apparel Quebec is a non-profit organization that effectively communicates the industry’s interests. They offer superior information making local businesses more profitable, and overall promote exportation of our fabulous local Quebec made creations.

Have been given the occasion to speak with its executive director Patrick Tomas on behalf of Apparel / Vêtement Québec, here is a rather compelling synopsis of what they have for over 37 years now, been doing best.




Opening year?  1967

How would you label your business? We are the most reliable and consistent organization in the industry.

Inspirations to start such a business? To bring together for the first time a common voice on behalf of the apparel industry in Quebec.

Target Market? Training and Exportation. 

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Company mission, vision and purpose? Our mission is to speak for and promote Quebec’s  apparel industry. We also serve to set the industry standards through our partnership with the Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF), enabling us to link together the national industry to an international level.

What type of service are you offering? We offer and organize a wide variety of services including; technical and internet trainings of industry intelligence, networking, conferences, seminars, workshops, promotional events and international trade missions.  In addition, we provide information access to all levels of government including statistics and through our partner, The National Apparel Bureau; valuable credit information and training. An up-dated contractors list is now available to the industry on our website.

Current objectives? Recently, our focus is global expansion through exportation training and missions concerning favourable markets. We are also committed to Web, E-Commerce and Social Media training for the industry.

Challenges? Given the economy we are currently experiencing, it is important that the industry continue its strategy of growth and stay the course.

Fashion statement? Today, we see that retailer’s major hurdle is to survive the economy and incoming of “big box retailing”. As manufacturers and designers, we must be innovative, unique and not follow trends of our competitors but continue to deliver what we do best here in Quebec, “Good styling at reasonable costs”.





AQ extends invitations to all industry players to take part of their organization. To learn more, visit their website;






555 Chabanel / 1514# / Montreal QC / H2N 2J2

514 382 3846

Fax: 514 940 5336



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