By:AshleyJane                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Illustration credits: Myself @ LABoratoir Créatif / http://www.labcreatif.ca/  


Founded in 2004, Le Laboratoire créatif is a Montreal based non-profit organization that unites local creators of the fashion industry, from the city.

In consequence of there being so many talented and creative individuals worldwide, competition is high, demand is low and the market, particularly for local start-ups, is most difficult to penetrate when you are a small business leader working for your own.                                                                                                                                                             

This is where the LAB intervenes!


Proudly representing Montreal couture, the union gathers over 150 designers and favors networking, exchange of expertise amongst each other, knowledge and support to the economic development of their entity within a wide range of services; management, promotion, development, finance, production and distribution.

Also should you know, a division to production at the same address is named Montreal Couture. Literally, and it consists of a society of pattern makers, seamstresses and tailors hired to best assemble apparel projects per demand. Should this be of interest to you, visit their website; http://www.montrealcouture.com/






Le LABcreatif has become a credible and respected union with years. Recognized by the government of Quebec and Canada, it mainly operates by subvention, events and sales.

The Lab in part is a common ground workshop that accommodates space to numerous local artisans, and enables them the ability to work in an atmosphere they can call their own. On behalf of these hard-working artists, its mission is to promote and encourage Montreal’s fashion industry to not only local’s, but to surroundings.  

The most impressive asset to this organization is that it is entirely structured and managed by its creators. Vavavooom!



Every year, thanks to passionate people building partnerships, many events executed in the city are in direct collaboration with this organization, perpetuating local designer appreciation.

To learn more about their purpose, to discover local designers and/or attend fabulous up-coming events… please visit their website and show your support; http://www.labcreatif.ca/ 

Loco livin’ la vida local !




5455 De Gaspé / Montreal QC / H2T 3B3






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Fashion inspired events happening in magnificent Montreal City.


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