We want GMO’s Labelled

GMO Corn – Photo Credit: Peace is Coming for You @ WordPress

The use of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s in Quebec and Canada is widespread but the information about potentital consequences is seriously lacking.  The government should label products containing GMO’s, something the Quebec people have been demanding for quite some time.

Both the short and long term effects that could be brought on through the consumption of GMO’s are largely unknown. The Quebecois have long expressed the point of view that they deserve to know what is in their food and that in the very least these products should be labelled.  

European countries like France have implemented labels while other countries have banned the growth of GMO’s completely as in Ireland. In Egypt they are refusing to import and export these products. In Japan, they do not grow GMO’s and use labels to show that products are ‘GMO free’.

It is curious that the government has not implemented a similar law here since most people have been demanding something be done for years. Back in 2004, the Commission on Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods (CAPA) of the Quebec National Assembly recommended:

“The government opt for mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods.  In the case of products derived from GMOs or containing such organisms, the obligation applies to a minimum threshold, harmonized with that of the European Union.”

Seven years and many unfavourable public opinion polls later, nothing has been done. The government is claiming they are weary to do something because they are unsure of the costs associated.

Labelling should be done regardless of costs. People have a right to know what they are buying, what they are eating and what they are feeding their children.




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