Tahrir Square 2.0: Egyptian Protests Resume

tahrir square november 22 2011
Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt on November 20, 2011. Photo from: GlobalPost

Popular protests resumed last week on Cairo, Egypt’s Tahrir Square for the first time since the oust of Egyptian ex-President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, escalating into fierce clashes with riot police and leading to scores of dead and hundreds of injured.

Occupy Tahrir
Fierce clashes between police and protesters erupted on November 19, 2011, following a move by Egyptian police to disband what we could call the Occupy Egypt movement’s camp on Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Like all worldwide Occupy movements, Egyptian protesters placed their tents on Tahrir Square and refused to leave, demanding faster political reforms in their country. The interim military government’s response was brutal, with scores of protesters being hurt during the disbanding of their camp.

tahrir square egyptian riot police
Egyptian riot police and protesters on Tahrir Square on November 21, 2011. Video from: Index.hu

Tahrir Square 2.0
The interim military government’s brutal crackdown on initial protests caused several thousand people to assemble on Tahrir Square. Utilizing rocks and sticks they advanced onto the previously vacated square. Following fierce confrontations left scores of dead and hundreds of injured, but the protesters were eventually able to regain control of the area.

Egyptian riot police responded by non-stop tear grenades shelling of the rioters and fired with live ammo rounds at those attempting to come closer to the Internal Ministry office, also located on Tahrir Square. So far the confrontation led to a stand-still, with both sides standing their ground and casualties mounting by the hour.

These events, vividly reminiscent of Hosni Mubarak’s crackdown on demonstrators earlier this year, were dubbed as Tahrir Square 2.0 by some commentators, alluding to the events that took place during the popular Egyptian revolution earlier this year.

Reporters on Tahrir Square
Foreign reporters caught in fierce clashes on Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt on November 22, 2011. Photo from: GlobalPost

What’s Next?
A large contingent of foreign press reporters is relaying the ongoing events via live coverage, including some who are caught between the rock throwing protesters and indiscriminate live ammo shelling on the part of the riot police.

We’ll certainly keep you posted on further events as they unfold here at the Artichoke’s Arab Spring news blog.


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