Arab League: Last 24 Hour Deadline For Syrian President Assad

Arab League Meeting
Arab League Meeting. Photo from:

In a general assembly earlier today the Arab League (AL) approved a new 24 hour deadline for Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad to allow AL observers to enter the country, while threatening with unprecedented economic sanctions.

Tough Demands and Sanctions
The Arab League, in its third and what they call final 24-hour ultimatum to Syria’s embattled leader, demanded from the Syrian government to immediately allow AL’s observers into the country and start working on a peaceful solution to the ongoing popular revolt.

While the Arab League did not directly call for Bashar al-Assad to step down, it stated that it is closing on a consensus for a “transitional period” in Syria, which could allude to the end of al-Assad’s presidency

If Syrian government is to defy the demands, the Arab League is ready to impose a variety of economic sanctions, including putting a halt to international flights to Syria, imposing a financial blockade on its central bank, freezing assets and stopping international trade with the country.

Syrian Protesters kicking and burning Assad's photo
Syrian protesters kicking and burning president Assad’s photo. Photo from: The Washington Post

Meanwhile in Syria…
Until this point Syrian president resisted allowing foreign observers into the country, while ignoring both previous Arab League ultimatums.

However the Arab League’s sanctions list is now on the table; it is concrete and rather extensive. In order to avoid a total economic collapse of his country, Bashar al-Assad will likely be forced to reconsider his position.

The rebels must make him nervous too: clearly inspired by the success of NATO’s mission in Libya, the head of Free Syrian Army (FSA) called for air strikes on Assad’s forces in order to speed up the fall of the regime.

Meanwhile ongoing clashes left at least 50 people dead in Syria today, including 23 government forces troops and 15 FSA fighters.

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