Maury’s “You are (not) the father!” comes to How I Met Your Mother

Look’s like Justin Bieber isn’t the only one having baby daddy issues. On this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, we learned the shocking news that Robin is pregnant. But here’s the question, after sleeping with Barney that one night, is he the father or is it Kevin?

Now if the last 7 seasons of the show have taught us anything about Barney, no one in his or her right mind would think he would make a good father. But as it turns out, he may be having a change of heart about having kids.

After both going through what Ted stressed as a really tough time, Barney and Ted decided they should “Broparent” a kid together. What a perfect concept… or so they thought. No fighting, because “bros” don’t fight, friendship is forever but a relationship is not, and there’s no need for monogamous sex.

It didn’t take long for Barney to turn Ted into the stereotypical female role, implying he will quit have to quit his job to stay home with the baby because architecture is really just a hobby.

But before this idea turned sour, and Barney learned the news that he might actually be a dad he took to his blog to write about Broparenting.

“My best friend Ted and I just came up with the greatest idea since implants: adopting a baby! It promises all the fun of raising a child without any of the annoying responsibility of a committed relationship. Plus, do you have any idea how much tail a baby will get us?!?!?!
Naturally, raising a child is no joke, and if we want that kid to be half as awesome as I am, it’s going to take a lot of work. So just what makes Ted and I think we can succeed where Danson, Selleck and Guttenberg failed? Simple: one less moustache.

Below is the preliminary adoption application I filled out on our behalf. I expect a child in my mailbox any day now. Wish us luck!”


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