Montreal made women’s wear with love, signed valérie dumaine

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Local designer spotlight: Valerie Dumaine




Montreal’s own success Valerie Dumaine is an ambitious and groovy young lady from which her designs, I much adore. 





Her style is simple yet refined and it aspires of classic    fashion statements from past decades. When asked where she finds such inspiration to create and complete her collections, she shared;



These are reflections and critiques from 60’s, 70’s film and video but most importantly a personal state of mind. Valerie Dumaine promotes simplicity with an edge that polishes a style to a special one. Fabrics and textures vary; her design’s are structured and constructed. Dresses and coats are favourites!           

A rather groovy personal state of mind!


Mission: Contemporary and accessible pieces that will forever last with love. Valerie Dumaine designs beautifully for young professionals and creative industry women that represent original identities.

 It is not what you wear; it’s how you wear it!

Conception, designs and creations that are entirely Montreal made and affordable is highly appealing, Montreal should be proud!  

Photo Credit: Student project, Design&Presentation department, Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

Photo Credit: Student project, Design&Presentation department, Cégep du Vieux Montréal.


I have worked with Valerie Dumaine promoting her collections at a few past events of locally made Montreal design, and must reveal that she’s worked hard and deserves all the credit she can get.                                                                                                   

Memberships to countless local creative communities…  designing for others… 14 years of experience later she longed to inspire others by designing for herself.  And so she did.

2004 was a turning point for this young professional’s design days.  She started selling her pieces to 4 locations, then 8, and multiplications continued until this demand for exclusive Valerie Dumaine Design unravelled. Her collections can be found in 33 stores across Canada today.

Soon to be out is a 18th collection, a rather proud one and a promotional fiesta should take place by the 20th. A great objective yet attained is to open a signature house one day, a boutique I can call my own. Perhaps in the near future to celebrate this 20th collection… She sighs! 

Meanwhile, see here to discover where you can shop and what’s in stores near you;   

To facilitate you occupied fashionista’s, an online shopping experience is available here;

Photo Credit: Student project, Cégep du Vieux Montreal, Design & Presentation department

Photo Credit: Student project, Design&Presentation department, Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

An upcoming event showcasing many… over 95 different locally made design labels of Art, Fashion, Music and Interior decoration, through a weekend is right around the corner. Should you want to discover designer Valerie Dumaine and more local talent, SMART DESIGN MART 2011 of December 2nd, 3rd and 4th… is open to the public.

To attend this happening event being held in the city, simply RSVP attendance via bellow’s link and present yourself to; 160 St Viateur Est, 2nd floor, Montreal.!/event.phpeid=290753300964712                                                                                                         

Happy discoveries and thank you for supporting magnificent Montreal talent. Enjoy!




5445 De Gaspé / Suite 913 / Montreal QC / H2T 3B2

514 587 9013                                                                                                           !/valeriedumaine 


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