The internet – future of the rave?

In another post I talk about the great website, a must for every raver based in Montreal (or Canada for that matter). The forum of the site is huge and has an immense collection of record reviews, dj profiles, event planning and event review. People share their stories, get connected and organise together. But is this all there is to a rave nowadays?

A blog post by Mark Townsend in online version of the guardian suggest that this is even more than just the current state of the rave scene. He suggests that there is a straight line from the old-school illegal rave scene, organising parties on the outskirts of the city with a great amount of organisational tactics.

In the old days you had to be connected with the right people, now you just have to find the right website. Or be a member of facebook and some clicks away from a dj or electronic music enthusiast.

“Part of the explosion of the whole electronic music scene has been totally tied to the Internet, and the way we can communicate over vast distances,” Richie Hawtin

So if this is the future of the rave scene, how can we be part of?Well, you could get a blog about electronic music, you could get on facebook and check you local Montreal groups about electronic music parties, or you simply could write a comment on this blog. You don’t necessarily have to organise a party, but if you dom, be sure to invite only the right people and not everyone. 😉

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