Home sweet home Montreal… Part 2

Graffiti Art in Montreal - Photo taken by Christina Cavaleri

So I’m spending my last few post’s writing about my favourite destination so far. My home for the past 3 months, Montreal. I haven’t been a tourist here. I’ve been a Montrealer. I’ve been going to the clubs, eating the food and walking around Le Plateau. But that’s what I wanted. I didn’t want to be a tourist here because it’s my home. Sure I’ve been up Mont-Royal and visited the Biodome. But they aren’t what makes this city so special to me. It’s the people.

The people I have met here are the most unique characters I have ever come across. Take tam-tams for example. Tam-tams is on every Sunday during the summer, it’s just a gathering of people who like to get together, dance, play some drums and smoke some weed (just quickly, if your not a big fan of marijuana, I would stay clear from tam-tams, well probably stay clear of Montreal in general). Everyone there is so vibrant, colourful, happy and calmed. For one day you can be one of those people, you don’t have to join in (although it’s really fun) you can just sit and take in the atmosphere.

Tam- Tams on Mont- Royal - Photo taken by Christina Cavaleri

Or if your not into the music, keep looking around Mont-Royal and you will find plenty to do. You could learn how to tightrope, fight in pretend medi-evil battles or just sit, relax and watch the world go by.


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