Rave.ca the home for Montreals raving community

The most handy tool every raver has is the internet. In the early days you might still had to know somebody who knows somebody, or get onto a bus not knowing were it goes, to track down the next rave that is happening; but nowadays it is so convenient. You just have to know where to look and you will find thousands of great webpages and online communities that provide you with the latest news on raves. One of those websites is rave.ca, a mainly Montreal based website focusing on the party community in Montreal.

Ravewave was created in 1998 to promote the rave scene around Montreal. Since then we have always given an old school perspective of the scene and would like to think of ourselves as the most complete site with information about events from surounding areas such as Toronto and Quebec. Now in it’s eighth year, the site has expanded 15 versions to include music, dj profiles, and an easy way to keep in contact with all the people you have met out in the scene.
Keep it real…

According to Rave.ca.

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend, check out the nightlife guide, full of all the good things. And more importantly, you will find a community with whom you can share and exchange thoughts on rave culture and electronic music. When you are a DJ, you can even get yourself a DJ profile and boost your local reputation. you can even rent a soundsystem for your next home party.

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