Another traveller’s perspective

This week I met up with Camilla Nott, another girl in my exchange program but from Melbourne, Australia. I asked her a few questions about her exchange experiences and her travels.

Christina: How are you liking your exchange program so far?

Milly: I absolutely love it! Everyday has been an adventure! I’m meeting new people, trying new things, going out all the time, learning new aspects of my degree and living like a real French-Canadian in Mont-Royal.

Christina: One of the main things to do on an exchange is to travel around the country your visiting, have you been out of Montreal?

Milly: Yes I have! I love Montreal it’s a good place to live I think, very much like Australia, nice people, easy to get around I recommended it to a lot of people at home who are thinking about exchanges. I also like it here because it’s close to a lot of places I wanted to visit. I went to Quebec City which I loved! I wish it was snowing though when I went because it is such a beautiful place and the snow would of made it that much more lovely. I also went to New York which was amazing! I have been to Toronto a couple times which I liked a lot, it’s different to Montreal because it’s more industrial and not as old school like Montreal. I’m looking forward to heading over to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving next year, so I will get to see how it is celebrated in the states. I’m also looking forward to heading over to British Columbia, I will be doing that when I finish my semester here because it is too expensive to go over for just a weekend and there is too much to see.

Christina: What do you love most about travelling?

Milly: I love meeting new people and experiencing the different cultures. It’s a culture shock coming here because of the French. I had no idea Montreal was so French, people told me that speak some French here but I didn’t know it was most peoples first language.

Christina: Any suggestions on where to go in Canada that you’ve been so far for our readers?

Milly: Quebec City, love love loved it! I would suggest to go in January because there is more winter stuff to do, like the Ice Hotel, ‘Hotel de Glace‘ and Quebec City is so pretty so with snow it would looked even more stunning!



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