piknic electronik is dead, long live piknic electronik

The last days of walking around are over. Although the last week was a strange blessing with up to 13° outside (people told me it was the warmest November they ever experienced), I am beginning to feel the first wave of freezing coldness that I am looking forward to. In fact, I am quite curious about how I as a foreigner will deal with the Canadian winter.

Canadians seem to take it lightly: you still can see people in t-shirts and shorts walking around downtown, Montreal. Today I saw a guy in the metro, which whore a short sleeve jacket, showing off his muscular arms; yesterday somebody made a comment about my thick sweater and whether I wouldn’t be too hot. Well, no it is definitely too cold to do that and you should know it, people of Montreal.

However I do understand the sentiment. You want to have summer back. Because summer was great, we had fun, drank and danced. One of the things where you can combine that perfectly is picnik electronik. If you have never heard about it, you should definitely check it out – next summer of course.

Pour une dernière fois… from Piknic Electronik on Vimeo.

If you are not sure what piknic electronik is all about, check this excellent blog entry at montreal.about.com. I happened to be at the last edition for this summer and it was a great show. Spending the whole Sunday with friends in the park, eating homemade food in the grass while beats hover over your heads – it is an amazing feeling. Way better than walking around in the city and turning into an ice pole. Somebody even tried to climb the art piece that is the center of the “dance floor”:

Untitled from moody jones on Vimeo.

Interestingly you can combine freezing and electronic music as well. There is an edition of the picnik eletronic in the winter called igloofest, so watch out for that one!

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