New Yawk!

Yes I know New York isn’t in Canada, but it’s too hard to resist when you are so close to the best city in the world. So it was worth the 10 hour bus trip from Toronto. When I hear about New York I think, lights, celebrities, rich upper east side kids and then the so called “slums” of the Bronx. It lived up to all these expectations. Being in the performing arts industry myself, seeing New York was a dream come true. I’m not going to lie, it did bring a tear to my eye when I walked into Times Square for the first time. The signature red steps, the surrounding advertisements constantly moving with their bright lights and the mad rush of people 24/7. The saying ‘New York – the city that never sleeps’ is not an exaggeration.

Times Square - New York CIty - Photo by Christina Cavaleri

Typical Tourist 

It’s hard not to be a tourist when you first go to New York, you get excited when you see a statue from a movie or the iron shaped building or even little things like the pathways in Central Park. It’s a while other world New York. I went crazy when I walking into the M&M factory (no wonder there are so many obese Americans – I some how spent $28 on a bag full of M&M’s!)

M&M Factory - New York City - Photo by Christina Cavaleri

As you can see from the picture it’s hard not to get carried    away with the different colours, flavours and fillings inside the sweets.

We strolled through Central Park and visited all the monuments that are shown in movies. We had a drink at the boat house and had a minute of silence for the musical legend John Lennon in the strawberry fields by the ‘Imagine’ memorial. We even visited ‘The Dakota‘, the apartment building where John Lennon was murdered out the front of by Mark Chapman. I got goosebumps standing there. It’s an insane experience and I recommend all Lennon lovers to do it.

Another amazing thing to do in New York is the view from Rockafella Centre. I strongly suggest going up the rock then going up the Empire State Building because at least from the rock you can see the building. Everything seems so small from up there, especially when you know how crazy and hectic New York is. If I lived in New York, I would find a tall building (that I wouldn’t have to wait in line for 2 hours for) that I could just up and relax when I was sick of the hectic lifestyle New York offers.

View of New York City from Rockafella Centre - Photo by Christina Cavaleri





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