Childish Gambino’s CAMP is no laughing matter

Childish Gambino - Camp. Image courtesy of

Okay so I was first introduced to Childish Gambino when I was doing some research on Community. Finding out that Donald Glover … aka Troy Barnes … aka Childish Gambino had a music career along with his acting career and comedy career was a pleasant surprise, as now-a-days, it’s difficult to find a true triple-threat, or in this case… quadruple threat?

So let me just start off by saying Childish Gambino writes incredible rhymes.

And this is no where more evident that in his latest album to be released, CAMP, as he continues to prove himself to be one of the rising rap stars of our time.

For Gambino fame isn’t about the women and the money. Okay, well, it sort of is, but on a much smaller scale than many of the beat masters of today. Call it ‘smart-rap’ if you will, Childish Gambino’s rhymes offer substance, and not just swearing and a ton of bass, which is refreshing.

It’s all walls down for Gambino on this record. All the Shine and Fire Fly are some of the most personal tracks on the entire album, with the emotional punch of an Eminem track, but with the lightness and delivery that Gambino is known for. From grade school to high school bullying, not getting the girl and failed relationships, to a constant defending of his “blackness”, whether it be so his white friends or his black friends, the rapper covers all of the bases.

Heartbeat, my personal favourite track, opens with a deep and dark r&b vibe, but is suddenly driven by some serious fuzzed-out ‘throwback electro’ beats and the cherry of the top of this rap-sundae is the unapologetic lyrics that we’ve come to love from Gambino.

The final track titled That Power, is a moving spoken-word tale of how as a kid, Glover himself confessed his romantic infatuation to a girl on the bus home from camp one summer, and, of course, the lasting consequences of that action: namely, a career telling his secrets to as many people as will listen.

So, here is a video of CG performing Heartbeat on Conan, I hope you enjoy!


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