Let it Snow

Canadian Temperature Trends – Photo Credit Environment Canada

The graph above shows that annual temperatures have been above normal since 1993.  Overall, annual temperatures have increased by  1.6°C over the last sixty-three years, illustrated by the red line.

It’s November, the month stuck between the excitement of Halloween and Christmas, and yet, look out your window. There is no snow, is there? Half way into the month and we are only a little ways away from having a California Christmas. It doesn’t take a graph for us to realize that there should be snow on the ground when we haven’t even had our first frost.

Yesterday I saw someone riding a bike with shorts on, so forgive me for getting anxious.  I realize many people don’t like the cold, or the snow and I am no real exception, but this is not normal. When I was a kid we used to trick-or-treat with winter jackets on under our costumes, granted I am from up north, but it should be colder.

Environment Canada:

“The national average temperature for the year 2010 was 3.0°C above normal, based on preliminary data, which makes this the warmest year on record since nationwide records began in 1948.”

“As the temperature departures map shows all of the country was above normal, with most of Nunavut and northern Quebec at least 4°C above normal.”

Temperatures have indeed risen in Québec. A comparison of regional landscapes now and ten years ago demonstrates the significant changes in vegetation caused by increased temperatures.  Areas in the tundra  previously covered by small shrubs and moss are now growing bushes, grass, and even small trees and flowers.

Climate change can’t be ignored. To say that it is an important issue is a grave understatement. I am not going to tell you the facts because, let’s face it, by this point you either already know, or don’t know because you don’t care.

I will say just one thing : please, let it snow.

Visit Environment Canada and their section on Climate Change for more information.

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