Community benched – Whitney to blame

Photo courtesy of NBC

I started off my day today so very excited to blog about the release of Childish Gambino’s latest album, CAMP. But then things changed. Big time.

NBC BENCHED COMMUNITY. Yes, you heard me right. I found out that during it’s midseason review, the idiots decision makers at NBC decided to bench the rest of this season of Community, putting it on hiatus until a later date. I’ve never felt this down about a television show cancellation in long time, probably since I found out that the Beverly Hills 90210 shows I was watching every day after junior high were actually reruns (I was young and naive okay) Now that the thought of listening to,, let alone reviewing CAMP depresses me to the max I’ve decided this is the perfect opportunity to rant about other things.  (Review to come at a later, more positive, date)

Okay so basically NBC is saying that they’re trying to strengthen two particular nights on their line-up: Monday and Thursday.

Whitney, which currently hold’s NBC’s most coveted comedy spot – Thursday at 9:30 after The Office – is being moved to Wednesday nights – a night that hasn’t been a very successful comedy night in the past.

WAIT … let me get this straight. WHITNEY stays and COMMUNITY GOES?!?

Don’t even get me started on how awful I feel about Whitney. The comedy is delayed and dry, the dialogue is horribly inept and there is just something about Whitney Cummings that just bothers me.

Whitney’s time slot has been given to another of NBC’s new comedies, Up All Night, which is, okay, a show I already love so I can’t be too upset about that. NTS – Avoid NBC on Wednesday’s now. 

To replace Community on Thursday’s NBC has decided to bring back it’s multi-award-winning-super-comedy that everyone adores – 30 Rock – which has been off air for a while now as the beautifully-wonderful Tina Fey is expecting!

Okay so I understand the business behind the business of show-business, and it’s all about ratings and blah blah blah, but for the love of God when will people realize that Community is comedic gold … like Gold Member gold …Canadian Olympic hockey gold!

NBC has really Britta’d this one.

Me? I blame Whitney.

PS. Sign this!

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