Toronto, eh?

Well it was time to take off again before getting too comfortable in Montreal, and Toronto was my chosen destination! People told me it was a ‘try-hard’ New York City, a NYC for Canada. I can definitely see a bit of that going on, but I loved it! It was Thanksgiving on the Sunday, which was my first thanksgiving because it is not celebrated in Australia. We had all the traditional foods, turkey, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes, gravy and of course pumpkin pie! Which I had no idea was a sweet dish! Thanksgiving was something I was looking forward to when I first decided on doing my exchange in Canada.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls - Photo by Christina Cavaleri

Another must see when you go to the     Great North is Niagara Falls. Now         that’s a lot of water! I knew it was going   to be huge, but wow, that blew my mind. If that was in Australia we would never have droughts or have to have short showers. You can see it from the New York side as well but the view is better from the Canada side according to my trusty Lonely Planet travel guide.

Be prepared for a lot of tourists and getting asked to take photos of them with their family though. It was pack ed with people from around the world. Met a couple Aussies there who knew some friends of mine back home… The world is literally too small.


Okay, this was probably the most random thing I’ve done on my trip to Canada. Apparently Toronto has the best skydiving company in Canada so instead of wondering around Toronto, going up the CN Tower where we would be safe and not jumping out of a plane and flying against gravity, we decided to take a bus two hours out of Toronto and go skydiving. I sat in the reception area for a good 40 minutes shaking after I watched the training video where they said ‘you could die’ and ‘skydiving can cause serious injuries’ at least 20 times. I finally built up the courage and grabbed the contract and signed my life away. I thought about telling my parents before I jumped, but that didn’t happen.

Contract - Photo by Christina Cavaleri

The length we chose to jump was 12,000 ft. That’s over six CN Towers. We were travelling 120 miles an hour, heading straight to the ground. It was one of the scariest and craziest things I will ever do! If you want a quick tour of Toronto take a quick jump from a plane 12,000 ft high and I would highly suggest going to Skydive Toronto, the owner has jumped out of a plane 10,000 times, so he’s pretty trustworthy I think!

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