Imperial Chicken Recipe and prep slideshow

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2      lb      chicken breasts, bone/skinless, cut in strips (900 g) 
1      cup   flour (250 ml)
2      tbsp  canola oil (30 ml)
6      slices ginger, fresh, minced                                                  
1      large onion, ½” (13mm) slices                                      
3      clove garlic, fresh, minced                                           
3      stalk  spring onions, white parts cut into 1½”–2” (3.8-5cm) pieces
                                              green parts diced – keep separate
1      pkg   fresh mushrooms, sliced                              
1              green pepper, cut into ½” (13mm) slices        
1      cup   red cabbage, cut into ½” (13mm) slices (250 ml)
1      cup   butternut squash, skin off, ½” (13mm) cubes (250 ml)
1      can   bamboo shoots, sliced into sticks                          
1      can   water chestnuts, sliced in half                       
1      tbsp  sugar (15 ml)
4–6  tbsp soy sauce, dark (60-90 ml)
1      tbsp  Chinese cooking wine (15 ml)
¼     cup   water (60 ml)
½     cup   heavy cream (125 ml)


1      tbsp  tapioca starch (15 ml)
drops        sesame oil
¼     cup   water (62.5 ml)

Dredge chicken in flour.

Heat oil in large skillet until just before the oil starts to smoke. Add onions, ginger, garlic and white part of green onions. Cook until crisp-tender.

Add chicken and remaining ingredients (except sauce). Stir well and cover with lid (press down if necessary). Cook on medium heat for ± 30 minutes. Remove chicken and set aside.

Combine sauce ingredients together in a cup stirring to eliminate lumps. Add the sauce to skillet. Bring to a boil stirring constantly until thickened. Return chicken to skillet and coat evenly with sauce.

Serve on a bed of basmati rice. Garnish with green parts of spring onions.

Serves 4

477 Calories, 115 Calories from Fat, 12.7g Total Fat, 2.7g Saturated Fat, 175 mg Cholesterol, 156 mg Sodium, 18.6g Carbohydrates, 2.9g Dietary Fiber, 7.2g Sugars, 69.4g Protein

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