Cinemania excites with The Prey!

Photo by Acutucine

The Cinemania Film festival is in full swing here in Montreal.  It’s the festival that brings the best of what France has to offer in theatres whether you are French or English speaking, as most films are subtitled.

France is known for their gritty, in your face films and I being a bit of a Francophile decided to head down to the Imperial Theatre to peruse the over 100 films that are playing here for 10 days.  After checking them all out, I decided on Eric Valette’s, The Prey (La Proie).

Not much has been said about this film, but the Cinemania website described this film as…

…high-octane escapist entertainment, an edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller so good that Hollywood has already bought the rights to a re-make.

They were not kidding.  The Prey had me almost jumping out of my seat.

That being said, Montreal’s Metro newspaper had this to say about the film,

La proie (Eric Valette) : Similaire à À bout portant dans son traitement et son rythme effréné, ce thriller violent “à l’américaine” ne tient pas la route en raison d’un scénario très artificiel cousu de fil blanc et de son méchant peu convaincant (Stéphane Debac, peu menaçant). En dépit d’une mise en scène virtuose, on n’y croit jamais. Reste la présence d’Albert Dupontel dans un rôle très musclé et le rythme effréné et l’efficacité de la première partie du film.

Je ne suis pas d’accord! This film will have you digging in your heels and yelling “NO” out loud with excitement.

The story begins with the main character, Franck Adrien (played by Albert Dupontel) in jail. His cellmate, Maurel (played by Stephane Debac) seems like your average nerd, but is serving time for molesting a young girl. Something he protests he is innocent of.

Eventually, Maurel is released and vows to take care of Franck’s family, but instead the evil unleashed performs the unthinkable, and forces Franck to break out of jail to hunt him down.

All in all, this film was an amazing rollercoaster ride. Just when you thought that it was all over, it took a abrupt turn and started all over again. Yes, it is predictable, but the chase scenes are better than any other you have seen in Hollywood.

The Prey is totally Worth Seeing.

Movies Worth Seeing or Not rating: 9/10


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