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Credit Illustration by Alice Sarimanukoglu


Luca Patuelli aka LAZYLEGZ, born the 28th of July 1984 in Montreal. He is born with an antheofryposis that is a rare muscular disorder that does not allow you to function properly his body articulation.                                                                                      

Typically, his condition it is extremely rare and affects different part of the body but lucky in the case of Luca,it was only his legs that got affected.

Since he was born, Luca had 16 operations on his legs and his spinal cord. He has never let his body over drop him, he always remained strong. In 1999, he was the age of 15 years old, after an operation done to him, Luca’s had the unprivileged side of not being able to pursue his goal to be a professional skateboarder. On the other hand, he discovered that he had another passion that was B-Boying known also as a Breakdancing.

Since 2006, Luca has given his time to spread the message of: “It is to take the bad and transform it to good”. He recognizes that no matter what situation you are in, it could be good and bad, it could always be transformed into something good. when he was younger, his father always thought  him that: ” your first fail is not to repeat it”. He thinks that life is  filled with experience and that each of us, even thought we could hate some experience, the most important factor in it is that you need to live it once and when you do not like it you pass to another experience. Luca has been a very inspiring model to lot of people, I will say that for millions of people in different ages and in all capacities around the world.

When I met him and was listening to him, it really felt that he isn’t different from anybody. He was mentioning that: ” Everything in life it is possible, everyone has struggles, but you always find a way to but your shoulders up and say that you can do it”.  If we search the problems you just can not achieve anything.

His parents and brother have been always the biggest supports in his life. His family has never considered Luca to be a handicap. They were always finding a way to be able to do an activity like Ski, then started to do Skateboarding. From that time, Luca was certain that he wanted to become a professional Skateboarder.

His dreams faded when he needed to have an operation. This operation would help him walk a little better because the legs were going to be functional, because how they were before was it stayed 90 degree, that is why they were doing the operation. His dream of becoming a professional Skateboarder was not possible anymore. He was mentioning that he always tries and find a solution for everything he does. That is how he turned to Breakedancing.

Another aspect that I will like to mention is about communication. Luca was saying that finding a way to communication with you student. He said that he will always remain a student because he is always learning. Nothing ends, always take what you have for granted, feel as if it is for the last time ( that is how he feels when he goes on the dance floor and competes.

Recently, Luca Patuelli has been teaching dance in school that are disabled children, He is also the responsible of the creation of the group: L’École Joseph Charbonneau always in Montreal where there is a group of students that participate and execute Breakdancing regularly.

One of his message that he will like to send to everyone is that : there is no excuse no limits, believe in yourself!!

This article is to make you understand that whatever position you face, whatever disability you have you should be always be aware that there is people that are worst state than you. You need to always thank for what you have. One of the students that Luca has is CrazyMouth. He uses his arms, he controls his movement with his chin. You should not feel sympathy because they are as human and capable, but simply in their own way. When you want something, you need to work hard for it. Luca finds his strengh in him and his students.

When you believe in something you do it!


You could fallow him on: ILL- (this is how you need to write it) or on


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