Redecoring a room into YOUR private space.

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The first step to redecorate a room, is to know your personality, it sound weird, but it is to be sure you will not regret the changes, also, that you will identify yourself to the private space you designed. It does not matter that you are a classic, rock, romantic, or zen, what is important is to make your own and love. Make sure it reflect you perfectly.

When you know what kind of person you are, you can move to the second step, which is the preparation part. You have to make sure of the colors you have chosen, the textures, etc. In other words, make sure you know what you already have (that you can recuperate of your old things), and what you need to buy.

Make a list:

  • How many cushions for the bed,
  • What kind of candles; color, size, how many, scented or not.
  • How many baskets for the storage
  • What kind of baskets; wicker, rattan, fabric.

The list is part of the third step, which are the accessories. It is important to calculate everything you need, to be sure you have enough storage; than the room stay clean and clutter-free.

Also, some basic accessories can make great changes in a room, for example, it is easy and cheap to find some decorative wall decals. It is an excellent way to brighten up a room. A simple black floral pattern is enough to ass a little bit of textures. Adding a vase with artificial flowers,(I suggest not using a trashy kind), to give a personal touch.

The last step, is to pu everything together in the room; see if there is enough accessories and storage, or too much, then adjust what is not. In other words, it the time to see if:

  • Everything is in place
  • All the colors are well matched
  • There is enough cushion on the bed
  • There is enough textures and colors in the room, over all.

Briefly, it is great way to possess a private space that reflect you; by its colors, textures, accessories, etc. Once every steps are over, it is nice to take a look at  your ideas brought up into a concrete space.


By Janie Boucher

Categories: Montreal Interior Design


Designer d'intérieur. Textures, couleurs, motifs; Décor chaleureux, accueillant et personnalisé.


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