Community’s got daddy issues

Cornelius and Pierce Hawthorne - Photo courtesy of

The latest episode of Community gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Who’s your daddy?”

Dubbed, “Advanced Gay” in Season 3/Episode 6 we learn that Pierce, the aging racist millionaire played by Chevy Chase, is suffering from major daddy issues, mostly owing to that fact that he’s still got one. The guy must be 130! Oh, and did I forget to mention he is basically Colonel Sanders.

Pierce has been running the family business, Hawthorne Wipes, and he discovers that the product is super popular among the members of the gay community. Considering Pierce’s history with homophobia in past episodes one might think that he wouldn’t be too happy with the success, but in typical nutso-Pierce fashion, he completely shocks everyone by deciding to throw a giant ‘gay bash’ at Greendale, to celebrate the success of the wipes.

Daddy Issues

When Pierces father, Cornelius Hawthorne (played by Larry Cedar), finds out about the business’s latest endeavor he appears inside the library during study group. He immediately picks out and insults everyone’s physical traits from their heritage. The group gives him the title of the Racist Abed. It’s very fitting. He is unabashedly racist and intolerant, stamping out Pierce’s idea to market Hawthorne Wipes to the gay community. Pierce, normally the guy in the I’m-not-afraid-to-be-offensive chair, cowers in the face of his father and is completely without a backbone until Cornelius inevitably passes away from a heart-attacked caused by Jeff. Only in death does Pierce find the courage to finally tell off his dad. It may be too little too late, but it was still a moment of triumph in Pierce’s eyes.

In earlier episodes it’s been made clear that Pierce views Jeff as a younger him and that Jeff is horrified of growing old and becoming Pierce. This episode gave the two a chance to work out some of the issues between themselves, but it is even more clear now that Jeff is the one who has serious daddy-issues that don’t seem to be going away.

True to creator Dan Harmon’s word prior to the start of Community’s current season, things haven’t been as epic, but they have certainly gotten weirder, I mean an ivory wig, really?


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